Enmarket to Purchase 34 Brabham Oil Stores

February 9, 2018

Enmarket to Purchase 34 Brabham Oil Stores

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah-based Enmarket announces that it has reached an agreement with Brabham Oil Company, Inc. to purchase its 34 convenience stores. Brabham Oil’s stores, which are branded as E-Z Shop, are located throughout South Carolina. The purchase marks the second acquisition in recent months for Enmarket. The two acquisitions will double Enmarket’s store count.

Enmarket will assume operations of the Bamberg, SC-based stores in mid-April. The deal includes the purchase of Brabham Oil’s wholesale fuel distribution company as well.

“Both Brabham Oil and Colonial Group (Enmarket’s parent company) are 4th generation family-owned businesses who have built strong reputations in taking great care of their customers and employees in the markets in which they operate,” said Enmarket’s President Brett Giesick.

“We are proud that Brab and his family have entrusted us with the awesome opportunity to continue to build the business that they have spent decades building” he added. “Strategically, the 34 locations will enhance our presence in South Carolina, and will further build our brand in the southeast.”

Brabham Oil and Enmarket have ties that date back to 1929 when Clarence M. Brabham opened a small wholesale petroleum business as a reseller for Colonial Oil. The company served as a wholesale jobber for major fuel brands such as ShellBPPhillips 66, and Chevron for several decades. In 1999, Brabham Oil recognized the need for private label gasoline and launched the Horizon brand. Today EZ-Shop convenience stores and Horizon fuel are one of the largest and most recognized chains in South Carolina.

“Brabham Oil Co., Inc. was founded by Clarence M. Brabham in 1929 in Bamberg, S.C. The company survived him serving in World II and the Korean War. The Company has been family owned and operated for four generations, which is very rare in the business world. Being surrounded by excellent people has been the key to success over the years. Mr. Brabham always said, ‘Warm fuels make warm friends’ and he loved that part of the business. The friendships established by this company with customers and suppliers over the years have been vital to its success and will always be treasured. We look forward to the family business tradition being continued by the good folks at Enmarket” said Brabham Oil Company President Brab McCully.

Enmarket, founded as Interstate Stations by Robert Demere in 1963, is part of Savannah-based Colonial Group, Inc. The retailer operates convenience stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Previously known as Enmark, it launched a rebranding initiative in 2015 to better align with its commitment to fresh food and health. Enmarket completed the acquisition of 35 Clyde’s Markets on December 1. The addition of the EZ-Shop stores will bring the company to a total of 122 operating stores, making Enmarket the 54th largest convenience store operator in the country. https://www.enmarket.com