Enmarket's Fresh Food Items

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Breakfast Biscuits

Nothing says Southern more than a breakfast biscuits from your local Enmarket! Start the morning off right with a freshly made biscuit or biscuit sandwich. Available from our Grab and Go case or we’ll build them to order at our Eatery locations. Either way you’ll wish you had one more because you will not want to share this tasty breakfast.


Fried Chicken Tenders

When we say fresh, we mean it. Nothing frozen about these bad boys. We marinate them overnight and then hand batter them in our secret breading recipe. And when we say Jumbo, we really mean it. These are quarter-pound tenders with the perfect blend of crispiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside with a flavor that is beyond delicious.


The Eatery

The Eatery is Enmarket’s own restaurant, serving made-to-order food from fresh ingredients. You’ll find sandwiches, salads, pizza, chicken, delicious desserts, and many more food options at The Eatery. Not only can you get your food made to order, but you will also find several freshly made grab-and-go options if you’re in a hurry. Salads, sandwiches, fruit cups, parfaits, and more can be found in one of our coolers conveniently located near the front of the store. You’ll truly find it all at The Eatery.

Enmarket's Roller Grill

The Enmarket Roller Grill features delicious hot dogs and sausages. Top these off at our condiment bar and you will have a quick to-go bite. We also serve bunless options like Tornados at our roller grill. Your taste buds will thank you as well as your wallet.


Enjoy a sweet treat from our Enmarket bakery. These freshly pastries, muffins, donuts, and freshly baked cookies go great with our Premium, Fresh Coffee or Cappuccino at anytime. Or grab some milk from our refrigerator to complement these sweet treats. We promise you that you will come back for more.

The Enmarket Stand

It is not always easy to find a healthy snack item in a convenience store. At Enmarket, we are committed to making healthy choices easier for our customers. That’s why we created the Enmarket stand, a section you’ll find in our stores with healthy, better-for-you snacks. You’ll find organic and non-GMO options, all-natural snacks, low-calorie offerings, fresh fruit, and much more.  The Enmarket stand- our stand to make healthy options convenient for you.