Enmarket Launches Skip Checkout Mobile App

SKIP the Lines with Frictionless Checkout go live at Enmarket

Written by  PWKD

Enmarket convenience stores has come out with a new mobile app, Skip Checkout, helping customers to scan and pay for their goods with their phones and avoid checkout lines.

Enmarket is the nation’s largest convenience store chain to adopt the technology.

Brett Giesick, president of Enmarket, commented that customers who have the free Skip Checkout app can scan their purchases with the lens on their phone, pay with the click of a button, and flash their phone to the cashier on their way out the door, all without standing in line. “Even people who don’t use the app will benefit because this will speed up lines and enable our employees to work on even further improving the customer experience.”

As customers shop, they scan the barcodes of their items to add them to their shopping cart, where they will be stored until they are ready to pay. To pay, the pay button can be selected to complete the transaction and charge their card. On their way out of the store, the customer only needs to flash their phone to an employee at the cash register to show they are using Skip, and it’s done.

To prepare for the launch of the new technology, Enmarket employees received training. Every time a Skip shopper enters the store, they are alerted and when they have paid for their transaction through an iPad next to the cash register, which also uses Skip technology. Security features are built in.

“Convenience to our customers is fundamental to our business model. By investing in the latest technology, we are able to enhance that convenience. Customers can get in, get out and get on their way even faster with Skip Checkout. We’re thrilled to introduce this innovative technology to consumers in our markets. It has been very well received by the customers and employees who have been a part of our initial test phase,” said Giesick.