Enmarket Rolls Out New Loyalty Program With Payment Option

Enmarket - Your Friendly Gas Station


SAVANNAH, Ga. — Enmarket is bringing the Enjoy Rewards program to its customers.

With the new loyalty program, customers can earn fuel discounts by buying gas or diesel fuel as well as food and other merchandise inside the store. Those discounts can add up to as much as $2 off per gallon on fuel purchases.

"This rewards program provides significant savings for our customers and also maximizes convenience," said Brett Giesick, president of Enmarket. "Participants will be able to earn and redeem rewards at any of our 125 stores."

Other features of the program include a coffee club, frozen beverage club and roller grill club. Members of each club receive a free item after six purchases, plus a free birthday reward.

Enjoy Rewards also offers registration rewards such as a one-time 10-cents-a-gallon discount and five free fountain drinks or coffees.

Bringing the program a step further, Enmarket's Enjoy Rewards features a payment option, enPay. Customers who pay for fueling up with enPay earn 10 cents off each gallon in the transaction.

The enPay card allows customers to make transactions using a secure PIN after linking the card directly to their checking account, according to the convenience store retailer.

Paytronix developed the software behind the rewards program. Zipline delivers the payment platform.

"We strategically chose two leaders in their respective fields as our partners for this initiative," Giesick said. "Paytronix is the industry leader in its category and has the most experience of any company on the market — they truly understand how to use their deep intelligence to drive individual action. In fact, both companies have proven that they understand how to incentivize customers in a meaningful way through offers that are relevant to each individual.

"We're building an ecosystem that allows for future integrations that will be seamless to our customers and make the Enmarket shopping experience second to none in the industry," he added.

Enjoy Rewards is the retailer's latest technology initiative. In 2019, it introduced Skip Checkout service, a mobile-based application that lets customers scan their purchases and pay while skipping checkout lines, as Convenience Store News previously reported.

Savannah-based Enmarket operates 125 convenience stores, 14 quick-serve restaurants and a fast casual restaurant.