The Enmarket Cash Card

Enmarket Cash Payment Cards

Up to a $.10/gallon discount on gasoline or diesel purchases made with the Enmarket Cash Card. A great gift. Reloadable. You’ll also find special in-store deals that are only available to cash card customers. Just show us your card, and save. Quick, easy, and no personal info required.

Cash Cards may be used to Pay at the Pump or inside the store.

  • Cash Cards may be purchased for any amount between $10 and $300.
  • Purchase with Cash or Check (checks are limited to up to a $300 maximum, and acceptance is subject to Enmarket’s check acceptance policy).
  • No credit cards can be used to purchase an Enmarket Cash Card. Debit loading is now available with a $50 minimum load.
  • Cash Cards may be used at any Enmarket location to purchase merchandise or fuel.
  • Cash Cards cannot be redeemed for cash (except in those states that require redemption for cash).
  • Cash Cards cannot be replaced by Enmarket if lost or stolen.
  • After 12 months of non-use, a $2.00 per month service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance unless prohibited by law.
  • If a Cash Card is found, please return card to Enmarket, and every effort will be made to return card to its owner.

You can call (800) 242-5353 for card balance information.

*Cash card discount may vary by location.

Enmarket also accepts the following forms of payment:

CREDIT CARDS:  We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Wright Express, Fuel Man, American Express, and the Enmarket Business Advantage Card.

CHECKS: We accept checks in accordance with Enmarket’s check acceptance policy for the amount of purchase only (subject to maximum check limitations and approval through our Check Verification System). See details at your local Enmarket store.