Our Fuel


Our gasoline is filtered through our Double Filtered System™, making our gasoline and diesel Clean and 100% Water Free.

  • Gasoline filtered to 10 microns.
  • We use Aqua (Water) Filters to prevent any moisture getting into your fuel tank.
  • All Enmarket fuels go through 2 filters before reaching your fuel tank.


Enmarket’s gasoline additives are the best available and meet all automobile manufacturers’ requirements.


Enmarket offers gasoline with a 10% Blend of Ethanol at all locations.


We proudly offer ethanol free fuel at select stores. Come and fill up with Enmarket’s specially formulated, ethanol-free Superblu fuel. For your boat, jet ski, motorcycle, lawn-mower, or any machine needing a  Ethanol-Free Gasoline…look no farther than the most friendly, pleasant convenience store in your town.


Enmarket's Fuel Guarantee

OUR GUARANTEE:  Enmarket gasoline is unconditionally guaranteed. Period. So if you ever have a gas related problem caused by our gasoline, we’ll solve the problem to your satisfaction. To stand behind that claim, we make sure every single gallon of Enmarket gasoline is not only high quality but double-filtered as well, using our Double Filtered™ System. This ensures that our customers receive Clean and 100% Water Free fuel products.

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