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Enmarket's Mission: To Enrich Life

Enmarket’s Mission Statement is to “Enrich life!” There are four central components of our mission to enrich life – our team, customers, partners, and communities.


  • All team members are Chief Enrichment Officers or “CEO’s.” Enmarket fosters the personal and professional growth of each CEO by providing an encouraging, rewarding, and fun career experience supported by leadership whose success is determined by the positive development of their team. We empower and trust our CEO’s to enrich the lives of their fellow team members and customers each and every day.


  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and paramount to everything we do. Enmarket creates a fresh and friendly oasis for our customers. Our CEOs are driven to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations for convenience and quality with authentic caring about brightening their day. Enmarket deeply appreciates the value of customers’ time.


  • Vendors are partners in creating success. Enmarket supports and grows mutually beneficial relationships built upon trust, dependability and respect. We share feedback to help partners grow stronger and value such feedback in return. Enmarket honors its commitments and approaches all interactions first seeking a win-win result.


  • Enmarket serves our community. We earn trust by giving support without expectation. Enmarket makes investments that demonstrate our commitment to making each community stronger by our presence.