Convenience Store News 2019 Store Design Contest: Best Original Design

Convenience Store News 2019 Store Design Contest: Best Design

POOLER, Ga. — The problem with Enmarket's convenience stores wasn't their style or offerings, but their age. The convenience store chain was successful, but had outgrown its brand and store design, and its legacy stores had grown tired, according to design firm Paragon Solutions, which partnered with the retailer to create a new concept store.

The goal was to develop a prototype that matched the name Enmarket, the rebranded name that the former Enmark launched in 2015. A unique color palette featuring a signature green shade served as the starting point. From there, contemporary materials including stone, brick, metal and wood were blended to present a warm, inviting architecture with clerestory windows, multiple entrances and a drive-thru that serves fresh food and beverages to on-the-go customers — a first for the Savannah, Ga.-based chain.

Convenience Store News 2019 Store Design Contest: Best Design

The store's exterior presents a clean, fresh and modern look. Once customers enter the store, they are greeted with warm textures, bright lighting and smells from The Eatery, Enmarket's proprietary food brand. Variations on the green, brown and orange color scheme helps customers identify the different areas of the store and navigate at a glance, even during high-traffic dayparts when the store is crowded. Comfortable seating makes the store even more welcoming for dine-in customers.

"It is obvious from the moment you drive on the site that there is a new brand in town and that brand is Enmarket," a Paragon spokesperson commented.